If the tumult of 2016 has accomplished anything, it’s underlined how crucial it is for those of us who “have” to find ways to elevate those around us who need a little help. With that in mind, here are some ways you can make sure your holiday giving has impact.


When buying gifts for your loved ones, be sure to stop by Denver’s Hope Tank. This South Broadway boutique features a variety of affordable items—socks, hats, t-shirts, mugs, ornaments, and much more—created largely by area artists and artisans and often featuring a Colorado theme. What’s more, the store’s tag line is “Gifts that give back,” meaning that a portion of each sale goes to a charity or philanthropic cause of the product’s creator’s choosing. And Rags Consignments, which has outlets in Boulder and Denver, regularly hosts charitable events that focus primarily on area women’s, healthcare, and educational causes.

If you’d like to help Denver Metro’s growing population of refugees, the refugee workforce assistance organization Higher Advantage (formerly RefugeeWorks) has published a rundown of stores here and elsewhere that employ and train refugees.


The toughest part about donating can often be figuring out where to do it. This year Colorado Gives Day, which supports about 2,000 state and local charities and nonprofits throughout the year, falls on Tuesday, December 6. The Denver Foundation, the American Red Cross, No Kid Hungry, Denver Human Services, and Goodwill Denver are among the many organizations that can point you toward a number of worthy causes or will show you how to adopt a family for the holidays. (If you’re still uncertain where to send that check, sites such as CharityNavigator.org, GuideStar.org, and Give.org can give you a fuller picture of the organizations you’re considering.) Also, Double the Donation is a national organization that can help you set up and effectively utilize a matching gifts program for nonprofits at your own company.


Giving your time, effort, and holiday spirit can be as rewarding to you as it is to the recipient. Groups such as Volunteers of America, Metro Volunteers, Volunteer Match, and Mile High United Way can connect you with dozens of different giving opportunities. And Mile High Mamas, a community resource for area mothers, has revealed its list of family-oriented volunteer options over the holidays.