At the Bar (and Really Everywhere): Live Beautifully Deodorant

Thanks to our proximity to the sun and dry air, Colorado’s birthed some incredible skincare companies. Our one qualm with most of them: They forget about one of the smelliest parts of the body (spoiler alert: the pits). Colorado Springs–based Live Beautifully, though, highlights their aluminum-free line of deodorants. The ingredients—beeswax, coconut oil, shea butter, baking soda, cornstarch, Vitamin E, and natural scents—even sound like they’d combine for a silky smooth products. $8.50 for one, $15 for two, $32 for four. Live Beautifully,

Katherine Homes leggings

At the Gym: Landscape Leggings 

Longmont resident and artist Katherine Homes is all about giving back to causes she cares about through her gorgeous, innovative pieces. To wit: 10 percent of proceeds from her new line of landscape-printed leggings goes toward nonprofits that work to preserve public lands. We like the jewel-toned Ocean Flowers print (pictured above), as well as the Wave/Arizona ones, which do Northern Arizona’s rippling canyons justice. $98,

At the Park: Colorado Glasses’ Garden of the Gods Sunglasses

Aurora-based manufacturer Colorado Glasses sells sunglasses made partly—and sometimes fully—from wood, a more sustainable material than the plastics that most shades are constructed from. Peep the Garden of the Gods model for a polarized pair with UV400 protection that’s made of laminated balsa; if you break them at any time, return them for a new pair at a 50 percent discount. (Seriously.) $90, Feral Mountain Co., 4320 Tennyson St.,

Photo by Jay Bouchard.

At Work: Gaiam Evolve Balance Board

We were initially skeptical of this foot board built for employees getting their ergonomic productivity on at standing desks. But the non-slip honeycomb pattern makes it easy to stand on for long periods of time, and the raised-off-the-ground design prevents you from slouching. Bonus: It comes from yoga guru Gaiam, based in Louisville, whose staffers are experts in working out that kink in your lower back. $64, Gaiam, 

Jennifer Lynch’s Fuck Cancer. Photo by Mary Clare Fischer.

At Home: Fuck Cancer: A Tale of Love Pouring in from Every Angle

Part-time Colorado resident Jennifer Lynch tells a moving tale of reconnecting with her oldest friend, Erika, after Erika’s cancer diagnosis and fundraising for the cause through her own cycling rides. The page-turner of a read will remind you that even the worst illness can have a healing silver lining. Plus, a portion of the proceeds benefits cancer service centers nationwide. $14, Boulder Book Store, Trident Booksellers, Lyons Regional Library, and Amazon.

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