Organic Bath Scrubs from the Soap Shop

After a long day of Zoom meetings, all anyone wants to do is have the stress pampered away—but spa days are expensive, and you might not want to risk going out while the pandemic rages on. Instead, bring the spa to you, with natural products from this Idaho Springs-based company. Try the Jamu Body Scrub, handmade with brown rice, shea butter, and ginger exfoliator, so you can scrub away your worries, at least for a moment. $8, available in store or online; 1542 Miner St., Idaho Springs

Natural Shower Bundles from ReRoot

ReRoot’s shower bundles. Photo courtesy of Grace Gardner

Turn on the shower, let the bathroom steam up, and step into an oasis scented with fresh flowers and herbs, courtesy of this woman-owned shop. Each shower bundle contains three types of eucalyptus, which is known for its stress- and sinus-relieving properties, as well as seasonal herbs and other florals. In addition to its healing benefits, these bundles instantly elevates any bathroom aesthetics. $28, available in store or order online to ship nationwide; 1218 34th St.

Body Butter from Colorado Aromatics

With COVID-19 changing the course of this Colorado winter, dry skin is the last thing anyone wants to worry about. After a fresh shower (and before a long day of staying indoors), lather up with Colorado Aromatics’ Dream Lake Body Butter, made with mallow, mint, and rose petal herb extracts. You’ll feel refreshed and relaxed knowing most ingredients stem from founder and creator Cindy Jones’ certified naturally grown Longmont garden. $24, available online and in store; 340 Lashley St., Unit 220, Longmont

Resin Sticks from Terra Apothecary

Your living room might now double as your home office, but you can also make it feel as zen as your favorite yoga studio (sigh) by lighting a delightfully scented incense. Terra Apothecary offers a variety of options—including lavender and white sage, palo santo, and copal and sandalwood—so you can indulge in aromatherapy that can help relieve stress and create a relaxing ambiance. $3, available in store and online; 1452 S. Broadway

Customizable Yoga Mat from GuruPad

Photo courtesy of Nick Monaghan

We all might need a little yoga right now. Find a new hobby or expand your practice with this unique yoga mat by Colorado-based GuruPad, which is available in multiple sizes and based on your height. Designed with various numbers and colors to help guide your poses, you’ll feel confident knowing that you’re hitting each pose correctly every time. Gain deeper stretches, strengthen your core, or simply lay down to release tension built up throughout your days. Starting at $49, available online 

Meditate with Kadampa Meditation Center Colorado

The last step in achieving full relaxation is calming the inner voice that has been screaming at you for the last eight-plus months. Denver-based Kadampa offers virtual classes, sessions on demand, and online weekend retreats to help you find peace of mind even during this stressful time. Starting at $12, 1336 Glenarm Pl.