Wish you could send a little piece of Colorado to loved ones, so they could experience the fabulous-ness that is our state? Regional Makers, a year old Lafayette-based company, has made giving a gift of place easy.

Each hand-assembled gift box arrives filled with local specialty foods (think dried peaches, green chile, and organic granola). “There are so many amazing places that people really care about,” says Pete Fargo, who started the company with his wife Anna. “We want to capture that in a product so they can experience that again or share it with someone else.”

The Fargos met while working at the Environmental Protection Agency in Washington, D.C., and they are passionate about sustainability and supporting the local economy. They give 10 percent of profits to support Colorado conservation projects, use packaging made from biodegradable and recycled materials, and make local deliveries on a tandem bike.

Bonus: For Valentine’s Day, the company offers a seasonal box (pictured) that will make you swoon. Inside: one jar of Nova Monda’s European-style dark chocolate ganache (use as a sundae topping or just eat with a spoon), two fair-trade and organic dark chocolate bars (one from Nova Monda and one from Chocolove), and a bag of Nova Monda chocolate-covered cacao beans. We especially love the cleverly-packaged Boulder Artisan’s dark chocolate fudge (also known as Backpackers Chocolate), which comes dipped in red wax, much like a fine cheese. If the treat gets wet or too hot, no worries—the wax will keep it from making a mess of your Camelbak.

—Image courtesy of David Helmuth

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