Not quite sure how to shop for the “big kids” on your list this season? Fear not troubled gift-givers. We have found a solution to your yuletide woes: Andrew Beckham‘s unconventional Colorado Christmas tale is back on the shelves.

Beckham’s The Lost Christmas Gift recounts the story of a father-son adventure into Colorado’s backcountry. It begins just two days before Christmas, when Emerson Johansson receives a package that’s been lost for decades. Inside, he finds a handmade book from his departed father—a WWII Army cartographer. Using photographs, maps, and illustrations, the book relives the extraordinary Christmas expedition they shared when Emerson was a boy.

Set amidst the white blanket of the backcountry, this loving holiday adventure explores the traditional myths of Saint Nicholas in a way that’s enticing for older children, parents, and grandparents alike. It’s the kind of book that makes for a great first read, but invites readers to come back for a second, third, or even fourth look. Watch out, though, you’re bound to have new discoveries with each read.