It’s not always easy to get kids excited about reading. But when Christmas and presents are thrown into the mix, reading suddenly doesn’t seem like such a snore anymore.

Luckily for parents trying to master the whole educational-yet-fun gift thing this season, a new children’s book has hit the shelves of Denver. With its colorful illustrations and whimsical take on famous Colorado landmarks, Santa is Coming to Colorado strikes just the right balance between imagination and information.

This festive picture book allows youngsters to trace Santa’s route to the Centennial state, where he soars above sites like the Denver Cathedral and the Cash Register Building. Then Santa’s reindeer lead him down Colfax Avenue, over City Park, and on to Littleton, Thornton, Boulder, and beyond.

An easy read that is packed with lots of hometown trivia, Santa is Coming to Colorado is an ideal curl-up-on-the-couch book for Colorado families this season.

Image courtesy of Sourcebooks