I just got back from taking the nickel tour of The Shelter (1037 Broadway), which has re-launched yet again with a brand new weekly lineup of events and new decor. I swear this spot has had more facelifts than Cher; the club has been the red-headed stepchild of Regas Christou’s dance club empire for some time now, with a recent failed stint as a live music venue, and prior incarnations as a hip-hop venue and gay dance club. Each attempt met with initial success, but nothing seemed to stick for the spot, so now it has a new look, a new GM, and a new schedule.

The space is in the old Jonas Furs warehouse, and retains the original look of exposed brick, lofty ceilings and high, square windows, but now has plenty of plump couches, curtains, and shabby-chic chandeliers to soften the hard edges. And with a new Wednesday – Saturday schedule of events (Wednesday is goth night, Thursday is Latin, Friday is indie rock and Saturday offers underground house) it may be off to a brand new beginning.

Then again, I won’t be surprised if the events schedule gets a shake up by mid-summer. The one thing I am excited for? The top-floor patio, which boasts the best view of downtown and the mountains of any club on the Broadway corridor. Views like that look great with any soundtrack.