What your Instagram followers see: a welcoming tent beside a crackling fire. What they don’t see: the mad scramble to score and set up that weekend campsite. Thankfully, Lakewood’s Glamping Co. takes care of camping’s more frustrating logistical elements with its prebooked locales and Lotus Belle tents.

The whimsical homes for the night boast queen-size beds and indoor fireplaces, while camp toilets and propane-heated showers are typically just a short walk away. The latest addition to the just-show-up-and-s’mores luxury camping trend, the Glamping Co. launched this summer with a handful of rentable sites (including this one at Kenosha Pass) around the state on public and private lands. The hassle-free experience doesn’t come cheap: The Kenosha Pass setup is $125 a night, plus additional fees. But for once, the blissful photos you post on social media will be a true reflection of a relaxing getaway.