The front page of today’s Denver Post has some sobering news on global warming: It’s very real, and it’s our fault.

The world’s leading climate scientists said global warming has begun, is “very likely” caused by man, and will be unstoppable for centuries, according to a report obtained Friday by The Associated Press.

The scientists – using their strongest language yet on the issue – said now that the world has begun to warm, hotter temperatures and rises in sea level “would continue for centuries,” no matter how much humans control their pollution. The report also linked the warming to the recent increase in stronger hurricanes.

Skeptics in Colorado will say, How can there be global warming when Colorado is so cold? I don’t have an answer for that, although I think it has something to do with the ice caps melting and bringing cooler water to our shores (at least, that’s what I remember from watching that crappy climate change movie “The Day After Tomorrow”).

Anyway, two things jumped out at me after reading this story on global warming. The first is that the media seems to be paying more and more attention to the threat of global warming. I don’t remember seeing this much coverage of the issue the way it has snowballed in recent months.

The second thing that occurred to me is that former Vice President Al Gore could be well on his way to being our next President, if he decides to run. The more this issue heats up (sorry, but I couldn’t resist), the better Gore will look for having been at the forefront of the discussion for years. His climate change documentary, “An Inconvenient Truth,” is up for an Academy Award this year, which is great timing should Gore decide that he wants to run for President again. Gore has been coy about running in 2008, but with so many candidates already in the race, he could emerge as a nice alternative after everyone else has been beaten up in the press 10 months from now.