Kim & Jake’s Cakes has long been one of my favorite cake shops, especially when it comes to the cocktail-meets-confection combinations such as the tequila-laced margarita or the rummy dark and stormy. But when the Boulder bakery recently announced that it had gone gluten-free, I wondered if the cakes would retain the same flavor and richness.

The answer to that question is an unequivocal and resounding yes. After co-owners Jake and Kim Rosenbarger learned that Jake was diagnosed with celiac disease, the innovative husband-and-wife team changed their flour base to respond to the situation. Using a combination of oat, brown rice, and tapioca flours, the resulting cakes continue to offer the ideal crumb, moisture, and flavor. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to tell that these goodies are gluten-free. As the bakery’s manager states, “We weren’t aiming just to be known as a gluten-free bakery, we just make amazing cakes that happen to be gluten-free.”

The Rosenbargers are also working on going organic and GMO-free with all of their cakes, breads, cupcakes, popcorns, pizza crusts, and cookies. In addition, most products can be made in accordance with other dietary restrictions (although it should be noted there are tree nuts, peanuts, dairy, and eggs in the kitchen).

Don’t miss: The decadent Brown Sugar Ginger Brew’s two layers of lime-ginger spice cake are laced with brown sugar and iced with caramel; or the heavenly Almond Poppy Seed Cake (pictured), with hand-painted cream cheese icing.

641 S. Broadway, Boulder, 303-499-9126