A week ago, I was in the Florida Keys enjoying dinners of locally-caught hogfish. Back home in Colorado, I headed straight to Westminster’s Big Mac and Little Lu’s Seafood Market & Grill to further indulge in the flaky white fish.

Hogfish, the delicious fish with an unfortunate name, is a delicacy of the Keys and a specialty of Big Mac and Little Lu’s. Co-owners Paul and Ashley Brock created their Key West-style grill and market to import the fresh catch they remember from Florida.

Among many other seafood dishes, the grill also offers another East Coast specialty: the classic lobster roll. Although Big Mac’s floppy toasted base doesn’t hold up like the buttery, griddled rolls at Steuben’s, the sandwich does arrive loaded with tender chunks of lobster. The side of hand-cut chips is a bonus.

Dessert tip: Don’t miss the sweet-tart key lime shot (pictured) with creamy pie layered in a tumbler and topped with whipped cream and toasted coconut.

2851 W. 120th Ave., Westminster, 303-404-2722