When it comes to snagging a light lunch, sushi has always been a great option. With the opening of Sushi-Rama in RiNo, Denverites now have a new spot for a healthy—and super-quick—midday meal. Located just a block away from his flagship Osaka Ramen outlet, chef-owner Jeff Osaka’s latest venture is a kaiten sushi spot, otherwise known as conveyer belt sushi.

Walk into the vibrant, mod-ish space, and you’ll notice the thin belt snaking out from the kitchen through a row of booths and past the counter. Domed, color-coded dishes of sushi (the plate’s color corresponds to the price) make their way around the dining room, just waiting to be plucked by hungry diners.

While the conveyor belt–adjacent seats fill up quickly during dinner hours (there’s additional seating upstairs) at lunchtime, finding a prime spot is a snap. Once you do, grab whichever roll catches your eye, meaning that you could be noshing on grilled yellowtail with scallion or soft-shell crab tempura wrapped in daikon within seconds of sitting down.

Although you will see a few straight-ahead rolls floating by, most of executive chef Jesus Silva‘s (formerly of Sushi Sasa) creations are far more whimsical—think shrimp tempura with unagi, kiwi, and avocado, or spicy poke topped with pico de gallo. The conveyor belt options will be first to catch your eye, but the additional a-la-carte menu items shouldn’t be ignored either. Don’t miss the garlicky spicy edamame or the chuka ika, a colorful, textural adventure of a squid-and-seaweed salad.

The best part? Dining kaiten style is surprisingly affordable. Most of the plated selections range from $3 to $5 and include three to four generous sized pieces, and you’ll likely fill up quicker than you think.

2615 Larimer St., 720-476-4643

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Callie Sumlin
Callie Sumlin
Callie Sumlin is a writer living in Westminster, and has been covering food and sustainability in the Centennial State for more than five years.