You might think Biker Jim’s Gourmet Dogs and Steve’s Snappin’ Dogs have the hot dog market covered. We sure did—until we sampled the wares at the Über Sausage, a month-old shop across from East High School.

Here, three buddies—Brad Arguello, Henry Dematteis, and Alex Gschwend—peddle Swiss-style sausage sandwiches inspired by the type of street food that Gschwend’s grandfather used to eat in Altstätten, Switzerland. The trio doesn’t take themselves too seriously (i.e., the cheeky name), but the eats they dish out are seriously good. The six sausages on the menu (all of which come from Denver-based Continental Sausage) are tucked inside chewy City Bakery baguettes and piled with crisp veggies, fruit, and zippy sauces ranging from choke-cherry-chipotle to barbecue.

Of the three I tried—the signature Swiss double, the chicken-apple sausage, and the spicy southwestern buffalo brat (pictured)—I’ll go back again and again for the chicken-apple. The tender sausage came topped with grilled apple, caramelized red onions, watercress, blue cheese sauce, and spicy mustard—and it was terrific, especially when eaten with fresh-from-the-fryer chips seasoned with a choice of salts (I’m partial to the ranch mixed with Creole).

So, while I’ll still frequent Biker Jim’s for wacky-good eats like the rattlesnake dog, and Steve’s will remain my go-to for a good ol’-fashioned hot dog, Über Sausage offers something just different enough to stand out.

Tip: Look for the Über Sausage’s newly launched food truck at Civic Center Eats on Thursdays, at the USA Pro Cycling Challenge, and around town.

2730 E. Colfax Ave., 303-862-7894

Amanda M. Faison
Amanda M. Faison
Freelance writer Amanda M. Faison spent 20 years at 5280 Magazine, 12 of those as Food Editor.