The word “recovery,” when coupled with talk of the economy, can seem more like a fantasy than a reality. But that doesn’t mean we won’t latch onto some good news when it comes our way.

Take a new analysis from CNBC, which names Colorado among the top five states in the nation for business. Colorado finishes third, behind Texas and Virginia. Cost of doing business, economy, quality of life, and technology and innovation are all high points for the Rocky Mountain state in CNBC’s listing.

And if you’re still wondering about those ever-elusive jobs, look to Vestas, the Danish company that produces wind turbines. Officials have announced that its plants in Brighton, Pueblo, and Windsor will hire hundreds of additional workers over the next 18 months, reports the Denver Business Journal.

Meanwhile, Boulder maintains its affluence on the Regional Income Earnings Index (via The Daily Beast). With a household income of $66,463 and a median income of $31,270, the People’s Republic ranks number 12. Washington, D.C., retains the distinction of America’s highest earning city.