It’s no secret that fried chicken is enjoying a dip in the spotlight. Chefs near and far are opening up quick-service restaurants focused on crispy chicken sandwiches and combo plates.

Longmont’s new GoodBird Kitchen fits neatly into this trend. GoodBird is a “supreme-casual” (a.k.a. fine-casual) outlet of the Post Brewing Co., the popular fried chicken and beer spot in Lafayette that Big Red F Restaurant Group opened two years ago. The simplified menu offers three styles of fried chicken (original, mustard bbq, and Nashville hot) to be enjoyed in plate, bucket, and sandwich format (or atop a waffle). Aside from the slightly confusing ordering format (after ordering at the counter, a host will seat you, and then a separate server provides table service), the concept is polished and seems poised for expansion. In fact, a second location was planned at the upcoming Stanley Marketplace, but GoodBird has since pulled out of the Aurora project.

After sampling GoodBird’s fried chicken, I’m hoping that a Denver location opens up soon. Executive chef Brett Smith sampled fried chicken all over the country before settling on his recipe, and that diligence translates into juicy, tender poultry encased in crisp, highly-seasoned (and gluten-free) crust. It’s easy to polish off a combo plate featuring the slow-burning Nashville hot version, especially when you pair it with a Post brew and easy eating sides like green chile mac and cheese or beets and sweet potatoes with whipped goat cheese. For $33, you can land a bucket of the fried chicken, which feeds close to four. I couldn’t imagine a better weekday takeout dinner.

Whatever you do, save room for dessert. Pastry chef John Hinman’s pies are the stuff of legend (they’re so good, in fact, that they nabbed a Top of the Town mention from 5280 for best pie last year). Although Hinman now runs his own bakery in Park Hill, he’s still supplying both the Post and GoodBird with their signature dessert.

1258 S. Hover St., Longmont, 720-588-2883

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Callie Sumlin
Callie Sumlin
Callie Sumlin is a writer living in Westminster, and has been covering food and sustainability in the Centennial State for more than five years.