Although it’s unclear exactly what kind of opposition neophyte U.S. Senator Michael Bennet will face during next year’s elections, it appears the Republican competition is getting its act together. That’s according to The Washington Times, which reports that though former Governor Bill Owens and former Senator Wayne Allard are now out of the political picture, the two remain available to help the party plot a return to prominence in Colorado. “Being in the minority focuses the mind,” Owens tells the Times. “It allows us to bring new people into the coalition and reminds us we have more in common with each other than we do with the Democrats.” The GOP’s next generation includes Weld County District Attorney Ken Buck and Aurora City Councilman Ryan Frazier, who both seek to challenge Bennet, a Democrat appointed by Governor Bill Ritter when Ken Salazar became Interior Department secretary. And watch Twitter, which might just replace the robocalls that have pervaded the last two elections, reports Politico. As for Bennet, he could be tough to beat. He’s raising money quickly–most of it from out of state and in Denver, including “well-heeled associates from his past endeavors in politics and business,” notes The Denver Post.