My go-to snack is carrots and hummus. Although hummus is easy to make at home (try this recipe), for convenience, I always have a container of the creamy garbanzo-tahini dip on hand.

The grocery store offers several brands (many of which are borderline terrible) but my current staple is Hope Hummus, a Boulder company that launched last year. I’ve tried three of Hope’s distinct blends: Original, which brings red and black pepper together with a touch of lemon to create a uniquely layered flavor; Avocado, a slightly spicy green hummus that dresses up tortilla chips in a whole new way; and Sweet Potato with a dash of nutmeg that gives the spread a holiday touch. Hope also offers Thai Coconut Curry, Green Chile-Lime, and Jalapeño-Cilantro flavors.

The company, started by Ryan Weilert, a former Whole Foods Market employee, follows Whole Foods’ model of conscious capitalism. All ingredients—including the garbanzo beans, olive oil, and spices—are organic, and the company donates 10 percent of its profits to the local community.

Buy It: Hope Hummus is available at local Whole Foods Market, Curtis Park Delicatessen, and Tony’s Market.

Whole Foods Market, multiple locations

Curtis Park Delicatessen, 2532 Champa St., 303-308-5973

Tony’s Market, multiple locations