For the first time since his bicycle crash last week, Governor Bill Ritter spoke publicly about his broken ribs, governing the state while receiving medical treatment, and the pain that hurt so bad he didn’t even want to laugh.

“You know, I have these wonderful children who are very funny, and the first thing they wanted to do was get me in a place and put a video in—a video I have never seen, you probably have all seen it, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” Ritter admitted (via 9News).

“We were five minutes into the video, and I had to ask them–not just ask them, I screamed—‘You have to take it off,’ because I was laughing so hard it really caused excruciating pain. So if you can suggest movies that sort of don’t hit that kind of a note, I may be interested in seeing them.”

Ritter, who was released from the hospital on Saturday, didn’t say why he waited eight days to talk to reporters about the accident and offered no apologies, Fox 31 points out. He did say, however, that he never lost consciousness or ceded his authority as governor to Lieutenant Governor Barbara O’Brien. As for his injuries, he has bruising on the lungs, a crack in his sternum, six different breaks in five ribs, and a separated shoulder.