I’m a huge fan of wine bars, even though I’m often disappointed by the relatively limited by-the-glass selections at the higher end of the quality spectrum. I understand the reasoning: Wine deteriorates rapidly once opened, and bars can’t afford to pop the cork on pricey bottles if there isn’t enough demand.

This is the void that Vinue Food and Wine Bar in Cherry Creek North has stepped in to fill. The lounge, which is located above Machete Tequila & Tacos, is done up in elegant 1960s-style modernism (think low cream leather couches, pink banquette, black walls). Scattered around the room are several clear-glass cases filled with wine bottles—light whites here, heavy reds there, Champagnes and ports in between. Inside the cases, wines are preserved and dispensed by the glass using the Enomatic wine serving system.

Patrons load a Vinue credit card, stroll around until they find a wine (or wines) they want to try, insert the card into the glass case, and select the wine and amount. Quarter-, half-, and full-glass pours are available.

The self-service system is not only hugely fun (it’s like having a wine-only gift card to play with), it also allows oenophiles to sample several different wines—from an inexpensive Australian Grenache to a hearty glass of Opus One—in one sitting. Pours range from $2.50 to $19 per quarter-glass, and there are 68 wines available. Best of all, each pour is guaranteed to be fresh.

Plus: Vinue also offers small plates, tapas, flatbreads, and charcuterie.

2817 E. Third Ave., 720-287-1156