clark-edGreeley Mayor Ed Clark occasionally says dumb things, and The Greeley Tribune has been there to document them. Casting himself as a pillar of the community late last week, Clark told KFKA-AM that he doesn’t care much for the newspaper’s coverage and editorials, and wouldn’t mind if the newspaper went out of business.

“I love this town, and I only want the best for Greeley, and, uh, I only want the worst for the Tribune. I hope they fold,” Clark said (via Editor & Publisher). The comments come at a time of recession and as the newspaper industry is struggling to stay alive.

As Tribune publisher Bart Smith noted yesterday, Clark’s comment suggests that 140 newspaper employees should be put out of work. Meanwhile, here’s something for Clark to think about: the impact of 200 layoffs at the Denver Newspaper Agency, the joint venture that ran the business operations of The Denver Post and the recently shuttered Rocky Mountain News (via InDenverTimes).