By now, you know there’s more to “going green” than switching to CFL bulbs. From building materials to cleaning supplies, the green-your-home idea has progressed from a trend to a full-blown industry. At Boulder’s new Ellie’s Eco Home Store, which opened this past fall, you can find many of these products under one roof. The store’s founder, Steve Savage, calls his voluminous, 10,000-square-foot store the Target of the eco-products world, perhaps more for selection than price: Basic supplies like all-purpose cleaner will cost you a few dollars more than their nongreen counterparts, though some items are comparable. The sprawling range of inventory is almost overwhelming, so we called in the experts. Joseph Vigil and Brandy LeMae—the husband-and-wife duo behind VaST, a Boulder-based architecture firm specializing in energy-efficient and green design —have done the eco-sleuthing for us. Here, their favorite finds at Ellie’s.

Ellie’s Eco Home Store, 2525 Arapahoe Ave., Boulder, 303-952-1004

The Picks

Marmoleum flooring by Forbo Flooring, $3.54 per square foot
“We’ve used this durable, colorful flooring material (made from renewable resources like linseed oil and cork flour) in several projects, including our own offices and home,” LeMae says. “We sometimes even use it for countertops.”

Fire & Light recycled-glass tumblers, $27 each
“This hand-poured, colored, art-glass tableware, made in California, is made from glass diverted from the landfill,” LeMae says. “The jewel-toned glasses will add sparkle to your dining room table.”

Amenity organic throw pillows, $84 each
“These accent pillows caught our eye right away. Great colors and patterns—and so soft! Each one is printed with nontoxic, water-based dyes on organically grown cotton,” LeMae says.

ThermaProof high-performance fiberglass windows, $675/2×4 slider
“We like these energy-efficient, made-in-Boulder windows,” Vigil says. “Bonus: They are much more durable than wood.”

Green from the Ground Up, $24.95
“We were privileged to have several of our design projects published in this informative and down-to-earth how-to book about sustainable building—by authors David Johnston and Scott Gibson,” Vigil says.