Next time you’re heading to the Outlets at Silverthorne, take a 25-minute detour to Silver Plume, where you can get more than your favorite clothing brands at a discounted price. The Green Solution (TGS) is converting its Water Street location into the world’s first outlet cannabis store, opening July 15.

You’ve most likely visited or passed by one of the family-owned company’s 12 retail locations across Colorado. Since it launched seven years ago, TGS has been an industry leader—they created the first online cannabis store in 2013, where customers can order products for pick-up at any of their locations, and according to Eva Safar, vice president of marketing, they had the first legal retail sale in 2014, once the state allowed for recreational business.

“We like to be progressive and keep offering our patrons better solutions and something they haven’t tried before,” says Brad Speidell, chief retail officer and one of four brothers and founders of the company.

TGS decided to convert the Water Street location into an outlet store as a benefit to customers who are traveling to (or through) Silver Plume. By offering the same TGS products at a lower price, Speidell says the concept fits well with the area’s outlet culture.

Courtesy of The Green Solution

Everything in the store will be discounted. Customers can expect 35 percent off flower, cartridges, and concentrates; 25 percent off pre-rolls; and up to 65 percent off edibles and drinks. But the lower prices don’t mean that the products are off lesser quality or out of date. Instead, what you’ll find at the outlet is the company’s surplus product. As a “seed-to-sale” company, everything TGS grows, they also extract, transport, and sell. Now, when they produce an oversupply, they will sell the products at a marked down price in Silver Plume, instead of letting it sit in their other retail locations.

“The store is going to carry the same standards as any Green Solution,” Speidell says. “The products are going to meet the TGS quality standards, and we welcome everybody as soon as they can get up here.”