After physically battling years of chronic food allergies, 20-year beauty industry veteran and PR-guru Kathyrn Murray (former vice president of marketing and sales for Vincent Longo Cosmetics, and director of public relations agency The Patton Group) decided to take control of her health. Her first step? Understanding how what goes in and on our bodies affects our physical well-being. That “aha!” moment led to her decision to replace every beauty product she owned with ones that contained no toxic chemicals.

But this was easier said than done. Murray found that many (if not most) beauty brands mislead consumers through bogus advertising or mislabeled products. This confusing aspect of the cosmetics industry—called “green-washing”—left her frustrated.

After years of product hunting, Murray decided to put all her research to good use by opening luxury beauty boutique Aillea (derived from the Irish word áilleacht, meaning beauty and a nod to her heritage). The cozy yet elegant Larimer Square space allows women to explore hard-to-find makeup, skincare, and bodycare lines free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, petrochemicals, and endocrine disruptors. Expect to find brands like Pure and True Skincare, Lily Lolo Cosmetics, Suki, and Kjaer-Weis, all of which Murray says performs as well, if not better, than mainstream companies—and without the chemicals.

To prove her point, we asked Murray to create a natural, yet glamorous beauty look for summer that’ll last all day. To get it, check out the gifs and how-to below.

Meet our model Callie, before she was glammed using Aillea’s nontoxic product lines:

1. Apply Kjaer Weis Foundation in Paper Thin ($68) over entire face and blend. Take RMS Bronzer in Buriti ($28) and swipe it along tops of cheekbones with your fingertips and blend. Next, apply W3LL People Bio Brightener Stick ($34.50) to the upper part of cheekbones (it should overlap with the bronzer) and blend.

2. To line the eyes, apply Lily Lolo Vegan Eye Pencil in Brown ($16) right along the lash line, with the slightest tail at the outer corner. Soften the line with a smudger brush by blending the eyeliner out, but still keeping it positioned against the lash line.

3. Apply RMS Eye Polish in Lunar ($28) all over the eye, making sure to reach the inner corners. Then add Seduce ($28) to the outer third of the eyelid and dab with inward strokes to blend so the colors transition seamlessly.

4. To finish the eye, apply Kjaer Weis Mascara ($38) to the lashes.

5. To give your lips subtle color and shine, apply Ilia Tinted Lip Conditioner in Blossom Lady ($26) and top it with Ilia Lipgloss in Peek-a-Boo ($24).

And voilà! You have a fresh summer look, but without the harmful chemicals.

Visit: Aillea, 1408 Larimer Street, Suite 102; 303-534-1974;

—Photography by Sarah Boyum; Modeling by Callie Sumlin