If you fancy yourself to be a grill master, then Perfect Pairings, a Boulder company that packages sauces and rubs, is a must. The goal is to help you build complex flavors in grilled meats, fish, and vegetables.

My go-to combination is the blackberry-aki, an all-natural blackberry-teriyaki sauce paired with a gingery, Asian-style dry rub that enhances the subtle fruit accents in the sauce. (This combo is especially good on grilled rib-eye and venison.) Apply the dry rub onto the raw meat a half hour to two hours before cooking, then baste with the teriyaki sauce once the meat is turned on the grill. For best results, when the meat has reached the desired temperature, remove it from the heat and add a pat of butter to each serving as it rests.

Also available is the Wasabi-Q barbecue sauce, which is packaged with a more intense dry rub made of chile, wasabi, and orange peel. I found this combination too overpowering for delicate fish but wonderful on pork spareribs and salmon.

Available at Oliver’s Meat & Seafood Market, 1718 E. Sixth Ave., 303-733-4629