This post is a part of Cheap Thrills’ summer series about eating, growing, and knowing more about local food. Want to get involved? Sign Grow Local Colorado’s pledge to support locally grown food.

A friend who is participating in his first community garden has been increasingly excited as his plants produce. He recently went on about his multitude of squash and will soon be inundated with tomatoes. And while his community garden participates as an NSA, I suspect they’ll soon have some extra veggies.

While many of us share our additional produce with, for example, co-workers at the office (I recently enjoyed pie complements of some extra rhubarb), we can also donate our surplus to help those in need.

Grow Local has compiled a list of organizations that are accepting the overflow from our gardens, including:

Food Bank of the Rockies


The Gathering Place


Highland Church and Community Center

Lambuth Family Center

Mount Saint Vincent Home

Urban Peak