I’ll admit it. I get around a bit. Not that way, of course. I’m just something of a hair ho. When it comes to my hair, I have zero loyalty. I’ve slutted around for years from salon to salon, stylist to stylist, never really wanting — or needing — to settle down. Sure, there may be a few bruised feelings out there. But all it takes is one uneven cut, one funky hair color, one wacked-out highlight, and I’m outta there, ponytail flying. I have been known to rebound; sometimes after an even worse experience at the next place I’ve returned to my former salon for a final tryst, just to be sure that things are really over, you know? Inevitably, once that trust is gone… well, you know the end to that story. It rarely returns. In the past two years, I have tried at least eight different salons. (Let’s not even talk about that wild period right after college, k?) I’ll refrain from trashing any particular spot in public. No one wants to read about my dirty hair laundry, anyway, and I am clearly a very skittish nitpick. (It’s not you, it’s me… right?) But recently I have found a ray of hope. I actually followed a stylist from one salon to another. Not that I have never done so previously, but it’s rare. I figure that if my stylist moves too far away, or to a place I don’t care for, that is a perfectly acceptable reason for a break-up. My latest fling has lasted for two dates in two salons, and so far, so good. I just visited Michael, who recently relocated to the Jua Salon in Cherry Creek, and apparently we’re still in the hair-honeymoon phase. He gave me a great cut (it even grew out perfectly last time – big points in my book) and I’ve loved the color he’s done, twice in a row. Amazing. The salon itself is friendly and very low key for the neighborhood — it’s on the second level of the retail shops at Milwaukee and 2nd Ave. — and the prices are reasonable, maybe even a bit lower than the average salon with a CC zip code. It’s mainly a hair salon, but they also do manicures, pedicures, and waxing, and apparently I’m not the only person who loves this place. I found plenty of great reviews for other stylists and technicians online. Maybe it’s time for me to settle down. Get serious. Make a committment. They do say the third time is a charm. Guess I’ll wait and see how my next appointment goes.