How’s this for a Halloween mash-up: Estes Park’s iconic Stanley Hotel—famous for inspiring author Stephen King’s novel The Shining—wants to expand onto a pet cemetery. Seriously.

The Coloradoan reported earlier that the 104-year-old building wants to move onto cemetery grounds as part of a project that would create a wedding and corporate-retreat pavilion. The planned project has some neighbors upset over the potential for noise from the proposed 200-seat amphitheater and because lots of long-dead animals will need to be relocated—though hotel officials say they’d hire people from a nearby cemetery to move the graves.

The town is reviewing the hotel’s plans.

Among those concerned about the potential cemetery move is Rosemary McArthur. As the paper reports:

“Construction accidents, delays and burst pipes could plague the project if spirits stuck ‘between this world and the other world’ are disturbed, said Rosemary McArthur, known as ‘The Celtic Lady’ who lives in Estes Park and was featured as a dog psychic on Animal Planet’s ‘Pit Boss.’ This could be avoided if a psychic comes to help those animals make the transition, she said.

‘They’ll pull the owners to them if the owners passed over and are unhappy,’ McArthur said.”

Sounds like some scary stuff if McArthur doesn’t get the job.

—Image courtesy of Shutterstock