I’m kind of a Halloween freak.

And since I have the same nasty chest cold that’s going around, I’m staying in for the evening. Normally, tonight I’d be going to the monthly Denver Divas meeting at the uber-groovy Vain Salon (it’s also an art gallery and mini-boutique, and ownver Tina McKeever rocks a pair of scissors like nobody’s business). Then I’d be off to Shazzam at La Rumba — which has totally picked up since my first visit when the crickets chirping in the lonely dark corners really rained on my party girl parade. My second visit? Nothing short of getting my groove on disco-style with the very snappily-dressed Scots from Franz Ferdinand after their show at the Fillmore. I could almost go groupie over those boys. Almost.

However. Since I am not doing any of the above groovy-girl shenanigans, I thought I’d share with you some of my secrets to prepare for celebrating my favorite spooky holiday.

All American Vogue – new costumes, vintage jewelry & accessories, great vintage clothes for men & women. If I’m brave, I’ll go for the Wonder Woman hotpants & bustier. If I’m bloated, prolly the deranged-pumpkin- with-butcher-knife will be more appropriate. See also, The Wizard’s Chest and Flossy McGrew’s.

Pumpkin Carving:
Do this. Now. Takes five minutes, and you’ll love it. Promise. Inspiration for my own pumpkin-carving party, coming soon to a stormy porch near you.

Corn Mazes & Pumpkin Patches
Doesn’t that just sound wholesome? It’s the Great Pumpkin,, Charlie Brown. Told you I was a country girl at heart.

Okay, they don’t actually drink your blood, but they surely will suck the blood right out of you. This is a great time of year to donate blood.

Last but not least. There are tons in the works, but take my advice – pick just one. Last year, I fell flat on my ass at the Andenken Gallery’s annual bash – one of the first events we had scheduled (I won’t be wearing go-go boots on a concrete gallery floor again). I then suffered both pain and frustration all night as we ran around town to try to keep up with our self-imposed four-party itinerary. This year, I’ll keep my plans down to a manageable one big costume party per weekend. Starting this weekend, with an early bash at the Lumber Baron Inn.