I’m a sucker for a good dive bar, and Barry’s on Broadway is no exception.

A friend and I wandered up Broadway on a recent weekday after failing to find any room at the Hi-Dive’s neighbor, Sputnik. One block down, the giant, cursive red letters that spell “Barry’s” on a billboard-size sign hanging over the bar’s front door lured us in.

A few chandeliers on the ceiling and walls provide a smattering of light, but Barry’s is dark—the signature lighting of a good dive joint. Everything was two-for-one, so the bartender made our whiskey-and-ginger ales double tall, and we took a seat at one of two booths in the front corner of the bar.

Refreshingly, no one bothered us while we sipped our whiskey and debated whether it’s more painful to drive across Nebraska or Kansas (Nebraska, I think). Midway through our second round, we visited the jukebox in the middle of the bar and found a great selection of mid-’90s alternative music.

As enticing as the Skee-ball game in the back of the bar looked, by the time Better Than Ezra’s “Good” and Soundgarden’s “Spoonman” were finished, we were ready to move on. But Barry’s left an impression. The next time I’m looking for a cheap, no-nonsense place to drink, the Broadway spot will surely come to mind.

Happy hour at Barry’s on Broadway runs from 4 to 7 p.m. and 10 p.m. to midnight every day. Your first drink is two-for-one during happy hour.

58 Broadway, 303-722-8489