Given Blake Street Vault‘s proximity to the LoDo Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant, I braced myself for an overly enthusiastic after-work crowd during a recent visit.

Perhaps it’s the lack of a sidewalk clapboard announcing the specials or the absence of neon signs, but the Vault lives up to its name as an almost-secretive, surprisingly cool, and quiet place. Inside, it feels like a bar you’d find a few blocks off the beaten path, not on it.

We opted for the tall, dark booths next to exposed brick walls, and I promptly ordered a schooner of Sierra Nevada. The 18-ounce glass goblet is so heavy I had to use both hands to swill it.

But the Vault is very much a Jack Daniel’s bar. A glass case filled with various bottles of Jack greets you on the way in, and large Jack barrels line the bar. Friday and Saturday nights (from 6 to 9 p.m.) feature tastings of the popular whiskey.

Happy hour runs 4 to 7 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday. Food specials include $1.75 wild boar (yes, boar!) sliders, 75-cent hot wings (made using Jack), and $2 fried cheese curds (be warned—it’s a very big basket). Check the Web site for happy-hour drink specials, which change weekly.

1526 Blake St., 303-825-9833