I usually wander past the Gaslamp to the nearby Pour House (and its enticing rooftop deck) when I drink on Market Street in LoDo. But the Gaslamp’s ping pong table, tucked behind its tall windows, has always made this not-yet-one-year-old bar appear inviting.

I stopped in with a friend on a recent afternoon and sat at the large rectangular bar that’s white as a dentist’s smile. We ordered a whiskey-and-ginger and a PBR, and immediately noticed that we were surrounded by TVs playing the type of ski- skate- and surf-porn that exploits snowboarders catching air off jumps built from old refrigerators and bombing down railings to landing areas barely dusted with snow.

The interior is decked out almost exclusively with items that have four right-angles—several flat-screen TVs and framed abstract artwork—which gives the place an incredibly neat look. The rectangular benches at the back of the bar sit underneath rectangular pieces of glass covering the ornamental gas fireplaces tucked into the wall. The bar stools have square backs and seats. More squared-off benches at the front of the bar are paired with small, chest-high tables that resemble simple, white gift boxes before they’re wrapped for the holidays. (They’re not actually boxes; I tried opening them.)

And, of course, there’s the ping pong table, which we tried out after ordering a second round and I switched to New Belgium’s Ranger IPA. We enjoyed a couple games in the quiet bar, but it’s not hard to envision the Gaslamp packed with a well-dressed downtown crowd sipping top-shelf booze late on a Friday.

Happy hour runs Monday through Friday from 5 to 7:30 p.m. For $2.50 you get a PBR, and for $3.50 you get to call it.

1437 Market St.