Every once in a while you find a bar that feels like an extension of yourself. It’s a place where you’d take a first date, plan a meeting over happy hour, or organize a celebration with friends.

I’ve done all three at My Brother’s Bar, the classical-music-loving corner joint just off of Platte Street in Denver.

The atmosphere never strays from low-key. Maybe the wooden floors and heavy wooden chairs soak up any tension, but from lunch to close this bar runs relaxed. I favor sitting at the main bar. If you like drinking old-fashioneds, look no further. The well-dressed bartenders serve drinks promptly, and they’re always impeccably made.

Now take this ambiance and coat it in the smell of a hot layer of grease straight from the small kitchen, which cranks out burgers and fries that I’ve yet to resist. There’s nothing like drinking a well-crafted cocktail in a heavy tumbler while unwrapping a dripping burger from parchment paper over a basket of fries.

Happy hour runs 4:30-6:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. House wine is buy one get one free, beers are $1 off, and well drinks are served as doubles. All specials are good on the first round only. “It’s a happy moment,” one bartender jokes.

2376 15th St; 303-455-9991