Going out for a beer by yourself has its advantages. Sometimes the stars align, as they did for me at Satellite (OK, pun intended), where I spent some time simply eavesdropping over a Jackman’s Pale Ale while waiting for a friend.

It was a quiet start to a weekday evening and outside, Colfax Avenue represented its usual mix of hurried, after-work traffic and folks strolling the sidewalks. Inside, Satellite was dark and hushed. I had the bar mostly to myself, although the few groups huddled at the tables weren’t worried about punctuating the quiet with their already-tipsy conversation.

I couldn’t help but see the little dive as a bit of a chin-jutting rebel, even with its long, inviting shuffleboard in the front and friendly bartender.

The rebellion continued when an old friend and former co-worker arrived. As I listened to her talk about her much-deserved promotion, I also overheard the bartender discussing his financial troubles. And that’s what separates the great dive bars from the others: They create a haven for those of us who don’t always feel like we fit in, where we can freely express our gripes and doubts and, for a few hours, be insulated from the real world.

Happy hour runs 4 to 7 p.m. every day. Stone IPA drafts are $3, other drafts are $2.50, and PBR is $2. Wells are $3.50.

308 E. Colfax Ave., 303-832-3488