mcdaniels-joshToday marks the official start of the Denver Broncos training camp, with all players expected to show up. The players are in for a tough few weeks, writes The Associated Press, saying, “Club Med under Mike Shanahan has given way to Club Dread under Josh McDaniels.”

The rookie head coach (pictured) will have the team practicing in pads a lot more often than former coach Mike Shanahan did, something that may help a defense that was ranked near the bottom in almost every major statistical category last year.

The depth chart is going to be “very fluid,” McDaniels tells The Denver Post, with players battling for spots. The only projected starters so far are defensive back Champ Bailey and quarterback Kyle Orton.

Speaking of Broncos quarterbacks, a new controversy has popped up around former quarterback Jay Cutler, who is now with the Chicago Bears. Apparently, one of his teammates called Cutler a “pussy,” a claim Cutler and the teammate now deny.

The funny part isn’t the name-calling; it’s the way the media has handled it. Westword has the best example of the media self-censorship, with various outlets quoting the word as “bleep,” “wimp,” “deleted,” and “offensive word.” The winner, though, is the hometown Denver Daily News, which used the word “cat.”