In Denver, Mary Poppins doesn’t carry an umbrella; she carries a passport. This spring, 54-year-old mother of five Erin Rose Donnegan launched Travel Like Family, a traveling caregiver service. For $200 (plus travel, room, and board), Donnegan will look after your little ones—or even grandma and grandpa—for up to 12 hours while you do what you’re supposed to on vacation: relax. (After the first 12 hours, it’s $25 an hour.) A daycare provider for 27 years, Donnegan dreamed up the business last year. Her kids had left the house, and she caught a case of empty-nest syndrome. “I love going places,” Donnegan says. “It’s not so much what I can see as far as sights and stuff like that. I love connecting with people.” And for some families, the best way to ensure a lasting connection is a little bit of time apart.