I want this. I think I need this. What, you ask? Chocolate, glorious chocolate. But not in the traditional sense. This is one way to have your chocolate fix and not worry about a single calorie, or a single pound gained. (A constant concern this time of year.) Yet you’ll be drenched in chocolate. Smothered, even. Bella Fiore Day Spa in Cherry Creek is offering an indulgent series of chocolate-covered body treatments. Try the Organic Spa Chocolate Hydrating Peel, a Chocolate Truffle Body Wrap, or a Chocolate Decadence massage. And their product of the month? The Chocolate Mousse Hydration Masque by Eminence, one of my absolute favorite skincare lines. Though I haven’t tried the chocolate masque myself, their lemon cleanser is a perennial fave, as is the sour cherry masque, made with super-fresh organic sour cherries. It smells divine, and leaves you scented, scrubbed, and dewy. I wonder what would happen if I combined the two? Chocolate-covered cherries? I’d probably end up with a glowing complexion and a major sugar craving. Hmm. Maybe these won’t be completely calorie-free, but I’m pretty sure the self-indulgent happiness will utterly squash any teensy ripples of guilt.