There’s nothing like random bizarre crime stories to brighten your day, so long as nobody gets hurt (seriously, anyway) and it doesn’t happen to you. For instance, take this story from 9News:

A man who was shot in the face with a crossbow drove himself to the police headquarters Monday. Golden Police first received a report around 4:30 p.m. that someone was hit by a crossbow near the area of 2nd and Cheyenne Street. Once the victim got to the police department he reported that Rick Compton, 42, attempted to shoot him in the head with the crossbow. The victim went on to say he flinched to the side and the bolt glanced off his face. The victim, who has not been identified, was treated by ambulance at the police department and released. Police thought Compton was hiding in his mobile home and established a perimeter around it later Monday. Compton was not in the home, but returned a short time later and was arrested, according to police. Compton is facing charges including attempted second-degree attempted murder. Compton is being held at the Jefferson County Jail. Police have not yet said what prompted the incident.

I don’t really have much to add to this story. I just think it’s funny that somebody attacked another person with a crossbow. If you are going to keep a weapon in your house, why not buy a gun? I would think that would be considerably more convenient than a crossbow. I think there’s a robber in the house. Honey, go load the crossbow and I’ll start melting the molten lead to dump over the wall in case there’s more of ’em. Do you have to get a concealed weapons permit to carry a crossbow, or do the police just figure that there’s no way you can hide that in your coat?