Northern Colorado restaurateur Brian Seifried is particular about his chicken. It has got to be natural, prepared fresh and free of antibiotics and hormones. “Respect the bird” scrolls across the flat screen inside Sexy Sammie’s fast-casual dining room in Greeley alongside a simple menu of tenders, sandwiches, and sides. Seifried’s newest endeavor opened in February with a fierce farm-to-fork traceability commitment.

Sexy Sammies sources from Nebraska-based Smart Chicken, where birds are humanely raised and meat is air chilled and never injected with flavoring enhancers. “Greeley isn’t exactly known for innovation. And it’s definitely overlooked on the Denver foodie path,” Seifried says. “I’m excited to bring this new concept to the local community.”

Hand-breaded tenders at Sexy Sammies. Photo courtesy of Sexy Sammies

Seifried, 37, birthed Wing Shack in 2004, growing to eight Colorado locations “by way of good karma and duct tape.” In 2018, he opened Luna’s Tacos & Tequila in downtown Greeley and says he plans to continue to push the culinary envelope in the agriculturally driven meat-and-potatoes town.

Sexy Sammies’ 48-seat dining space sits in an unassuming shopping center on Greeley’s west side. Contactless ordering kiosks and a cubby set-up for food pickup resonates with guests from high school to retirees, while the all-inclusive, open on Sundays platform gives an elbow to the big-name chicken chain down the street.

Regulars love the signature Sexy Sam ($7), an eat-with-both-hands juicy chicken sandwich topped with a crunchy kale and purple cabbage slaw, fresh jalapeño slices, pickled onion, and Sexy Sauce—a house-made smoky-sweet mayo with just a nudge of heat. Vegetarians appreciate the tempeh version ($7), locally sourced from Avogadro’s Number in Fort Collins, and kids dig the hand-breaded tender box with fries and griddled Texas toast ($5). Regionally sourced from Fort Collins’ Walrus Ice Cream, the dipped ice cream sam ($5.50) is a special treat with homemade vanilla ice cream, a fudge core, and a rich chocolate coat.

The name Sexy Sammies is a twofold shout out to Seifried’s girlfriend and his love of fried chicken. “It’s one of the great connecting foods,” he says. “I don’t care who you are or where you’re from, you have a spot in your heart for fried chicken.”

Sexy Sammie’s interior. Photo courtesy of Sexy Sammies

The restaurant design matches the mod ordering vibe thanks to Greeley native and now Los Angeles-based reality TV set designer Jeffrey Eyser. The founder of Hollywood production design studio Flip this Bitch used natural materials, clean lines, cool greens and blues, and geometric elements to dress the 800-square-foot space.

“I knew I wanted to create something both fresh in terms of design trend, but also exude a feeling of freshness to hopefully elevate the food,” says Eyser. “I really couldn’t be happier with the end result. I love being able to give Greeley a unique place to call their own.”

4318 W. 9th St. Rd., Greeley

Lisa Blake
Lisa Blake
Lisa Blake is a freelance writer and children's book author living in Breckenridge. When she's not writing about food and mountain adventures, she can be found on the river with her son, pug and husband.