There is nothing quite like the flu to render you helpless. The telltale woozy head, blocked sinuses, and all-over body aches, had me seeking comfort where I could find it.

Second to my own mother, I turned to Zoe Ma Ma in Boulder, and the healing properties of the Ma Ma’s chicken noodle soup. The clear, ginger-scented broth soothed the aches and helped open those pesky sinuses. Large pieces of shredded white and dark meat chicken mixed with long strands of rice noodles to provide sustenance (hint: chopsticks worked better than a spoon). And fresh veggies—snow peas, bean sprouts, scallions, and cilantro—were added to order, so as to maintain their vegetal crunch. The overall effect was a zippy, clean-tasting soup that provided much-needed comfort from a Ma Ma, if not my mama.

Closer to Home: Zaidy’s Deli in Cherry Creek reports an up-tick in matzo ball soup orders as each cold and flu season hits (visual on this year’s flu epidemic). Customers rely on it as readily as prescriptions from the pharmacy.

2010 10th St., Boulder, 303-545-6262