As grateful as I am for holiday celebrations, there’s a downside to all the office parties, cookie exchanges, and open houses: temptation and overindulgence.

Enter Zeal, a year-old Boulder restaurant founded on the premise of healthy eating. Co-owner Wayde Jester and his team are developing a flexible, multiday juice cleanse specifically designed to combat the weight gain and toxicity that comes from, shall we say, excessiveness. Known for its flavorful flights of fresh vegetable and fruit juices pressed on site, Zeal has designed a new regimen that Jester claims can “help train your body to consume less food and fewer calories as well as boost your metabolism to support your weight loss goals.“

The cleanse is in the final stages of production (be the first to know about the launch by clicking on Zeal’s Facebook page). Those interested should choose a timeframe carefully as Zeal recommends a three-day preparation period that includes eliminating red meat, caffeine, alcohol, and processed sugars from the diet. But once you commit, consider the delicious rainbow of nutrient-dense juices the ultimate chaser to the season of joy.

Tip: Of course, Zeal isn’t the only company offering juice cleanses. Find more information about programs offered by Nekter, Pressery, and Vibrant Earth by clicking on their websites. And don’t miss Vibrant Earth owner Jill Latham’s tips for a healthy holiday season.

1710 Pearl St., Boulder, 720-708-6309