Luckily, Eric Jon Zinn isn’t running for political office in Philadelphia. There, someone would probably throw a cheesesteak at him for suggesting the city folk could stand to drop a few pounds. But in Denver, Zinn’s way of standing out among the long list of candidates running for mayor is by campaigning as a health nut. If you elect Zinn, a tax attorney, be prepared to shed some pounds. With about 20 percent of the city’s residents on the hefty side, Zinn tells Westword he would like to see locals get more active and drop one million collective pounds—about two per Denverite—within his first six months in office. Along the way, they’d collect pledge dollars from friends and family for every pound lost, helping to plug holes in the city’s budget.

While Zinn works out the details of his proposal to make Denver more active, Aurora high schools could make exercise less of a priority for high school students, reports 7News. Administrators say physical education courses would still be available but not mandatory, freeing up students’ time to take college-track electives and specialized classes.