We have a new Governor! Bill Ritter was sworn in today. Here is his inaugural statement. He talks a lot about “the Colorado Promise.” What is it?

Let’s start by being bolder than any other state when it comes to renewable energy. Let’s commit right now to making Colorado a national leader – a world leader – in renewable energy. Let’s create a New Energy Economy right here in Colorado.

Let’s fulfill the Colorado Promise together by giving our children opportunities and our employers the best-educated work force in the nation. Let’s commit today, all of us, to reducing the high school dropout rate and closing the achievement gap.

Let’s fulfill the Colorado Promise by ending the crisis of the uninsured and enacting comprehensive health-care reform.

Let’s fulfill the Colorado Promise by creating good jobs and fixing our transportation system. And by being stubborn stewards of our land, our air, our water and our wildlife.

Let’s fulfill the Colorado Promise by living up to our part of the social compact. Such an important part of who we are as a state, and really as a nation, is the social compact – the covenant that says government exists for the people, for all people. It exists to provide legitimate public functions. It exists to ensure we take care of seniors, and the disabled, and for those who struggle mightily – whatever the reason. Government has a responsibility to intersect with their struggle, looking always for ways to improve the quality of their lives.