Believe it or not, and beer and a shot at the local pub can help people in need halfway around the world. The Hornet Restaurant and Bar on South Broadway is helping raise money for relief efforts in Asia and Indonesia where the recent tsunami caused widespread devastation. On New Year’s Eve, they’ll host their annual “Vegas, Baby, Vegas” casino night, which is traditionally one of the few New Year’s parties that doesn’t include a cover charge. You still don’t have to pay the cover, but anyone who makes a $10 donation to the American Red Cross International Response Fund that night will receive a free shot or a free beer, and a rose to show that you care. Many of us worldwide have been worried about friends and family vacationing in Indonesia over Christmas, which is the peak seasion for most of the area’s beach resorts. For days I struggled to find information about a resort in Bali where one of my best and oldest friends is spending the holidays. Luckily, Bali was spared by the tsunami and she and her friends are safe, but there are so many other places that need immediate help. Can’t make it to the Hornet on Friday? Help out the Red Cross relief efforts directly right here.