Have some free time on your hands tonight? If so, head down to the Soiled Dove for a special performance by up-and-comer Amos Lee. He opened for Bob Dylan at the Fillmore earlier this week, and toured previously with Blue Note labelmate Norah Jones. The guy obviously keeps good company, fo’ sho’. Tonight, he’s doing a one-off solo show largely due to the fact that Jason Miller — senior VP of House of Blues concerts here in Denver and one of the kindly judges on UPN’s Gimme the Mike talent show — was so impressed by the guy that he wanted to book his own HOB show (The Fillmore whow was booked by rival Clear Channel Concerts). When Miller gets excited about an artist, it’s generally a quality recommendation, and voila — Lee has an instant artist showcase tonight.

He’s described as soulful and intimate, and he’s expected to rise quickly to the level of Norah Jones, John Mayer, and others of that vein, so tonight’s show might be your only chance to see him in a small venue before he hits it big time. Plus, at only $8 for tickets, it’s also a chance to check him out live on the cheap.

I don’t know about you, but I’m intrigued. It’s worth my eight bucks to simply satisfy my curiosity. See you there.