Brrrrr. It’s cold outside. It will probably be snowing any time now, and most folks are burrowed into their living rooms or neighborhood sports bars watching the Broncos tonight.

Me? I’m debating whether or not to drag hubby over (at halftime, naturally) to the new Wash Park Lounge that just opened at Alameda and Downing. It’s a comfy-divey little sports tavern, and the location is perfect for cold fall and winter nights. It’s totally sunken. Which means there are no windows — a downer in the sunny summertime, but a huge plus on dreary days like today. You can’t really tell what time of day it is, or what season, or where you are for that matter. All you see is a cozy underground lounge with flat-screen TVs located along any line of sight, a friendly staff, comfortable seating and a homey, your-buddy’s-basement vibe.

So where is this place, you ask? Good question. It’s located in a little shopping center immediately north of Alameda and east of Downing. Look behind the Starbuck’s, enter through the alley, and you’ll be home free. Then just trot on down the stairs and prepare to meet the neighborhood. It’s sure to be one place you’ll find the locals hibernating all winter.