As Jason reported, Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper is not going to run for Governor of Colorado. Bill Ritter will hold a press conference at 1:30 pm. To Hickenlooper’s credit, he said he is not yet finished with the job he undertook for Denver.

I live-blogged the Mayor’s press conference. Here are the highlights:

This has been a difficult process. He is still so new to politics that he isn’t sure how to make a decision like this. So, he weighed the risks and the advantages. He’s thankful for the patience everyone has shown in waiting for his decision.

There is no better job than Mayor. In the last two months, he’s learned how important the job of Governor is.

In the end, the reasons for not running became clear to him. His administration has begun so many initiatives with the City, and while some are completed, many more are unfinished. He wants to show that local government can carry through with its commitments and practice what it preaches.

There are some pretty good people running for Governor. He will do everything he can to ensure that the debate and campaign for Governor stays at a positive level.

He could have ran a positive race for Governor. He would have been ready for the mud that would have been slung at him.

His wife, Helen Thorpe, is the more ambitious of the two of them. He cherishes her confidence and her faith and willingness to entertain every possibility. She is like the Northern Star. They have come full circle.

In the end, he looked at the programs he has in the works, such as the new jail and educational initiatives and realized how important it is to finish them.

Once he made the decision, he was exhiliarated. In the last 12 hours since making the decision, his excitement for his Mayor’s job came back in full force.

Hick just glowed with positive energy during the announcement. His wife was at his side. I think he made the correct decision. And that he increased his political capital by leaps and bounds. He demonstrated that he puts the welfare of the people who elected him above personal ambition.

I think we’ll be calling him Senator Hickenlooper in a few years.