At least he’s talking. Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper says he’s leaning against a run for Governor in 2006 — but he won’t rule it out.

“I honestly don’t think I’m going to run,” he told The Denver Post. “I’m not looking at it. I’m not investigating it. I’m just focusing on running the city.”

But, like all politicians, the Mayor has learned to “never say never.”

Colorado Pols puts the mayor at 2 to 1 on its Governor’s hot line. The only other candidate to share those odds: Bob Beauprez. Check out their analysis of the Mayor’s statements, particularly this one:

Hickenlooper said he would enjoy the “intellectual and emotional fulfillment” of stumping statewide.

My view: I don’t think he’ll run. He’s having too much fun being Mayor and he and Denver are a great fit. He’ll get to the Governor’s mansion eventually — or to the U.S. Senate – but he’s going to do it when he’s ready and he’s just not ready now.