Republicans who hope to run against Democratic Governor John Hickenlooper are lagging on the fundraising front, according to financial reports released this week.

The Denver Post reports that Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler raised roughly $28,000 in the first two weeks of May—which outpaced his three possible primary candidates—though all four badly trail Hickenlooper when it comes to the war chest that’ll be needed before November’s general election.

Tom Tancredo, the former Congressman who lost to Hickenlooper as a third party candidate in 2010, raised about $25,300 during the reporting period but has more than $98,000 on hand—the most of any Republican. Bob Beauprez raised roughly $20,000 and has $64,000 on hand, though the former Congressman has also loaned himself $220,000. Gessler has nearly $44,000 on hand, and former State Senator Mike Kopp raised almost $9,800 and has about $32,500 on hand.

That’s a deep contrast to Hickenlooper who has more than $750,000 on hand and raised nearly $125,000 in this latest fundraising period—or more than all his potential challengers combined. Looking ahead, it’ll be interesting to see if Republicans can find a post-primary candidate to rally around. Tancredo has been divisive—there’s major doubt whether party leaders would fervently back him—but Tea Party conservatives likely would find him to be the most palatable candidate of the bunch.

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