Students and teachers at Fruita Monument High School on the Western Slope gawked last week at the old Eagle hatchback decorated in school colors and welded around a flagpole–a senior prank. Rather than punish Alex Almy and Jesse Poe, who confessed to the elaborate scheme, Principal Jody Mimmack says the senior prank showed “a lot of Wildcat pride,” according to the Grand Junction Sentinel, which notes the flagpole was not damaged. In fact, the school will leave the car in place so long as there are no complaints. Jalopnik calls the act “one of the most ambitious senior prank stories we’ve heard in a while.” Meanwhile, 18-year-old Ryan Kramer, who is gifted when it comes to numbers, missed out on the senior prank part of his life because he’s been in college since he was 14. He’s now graduating from the University of Colorado with an aerospace engineering degree and looking forward to graduate school, according to 9News.