A teenage girl who zipped away westbound from a gas station about 20 miles east of Limon in a stolen Grand AM—allegedly without paying for $35 in gas—led the Colorado State patrol on a heart-pounding chase along I-70 Tuesday morning, reaching speeds of 100 miles per hour. The teen, whose name has not been released, began driving recklessly as troopers pursued her, leading them to back off in an effort to slow down her pace (via 7News). “We made the decision to call off the chase around Byers for the safety of our officers and the public due to the unsafe speeds the suspect was driving and the amount of traffic on the interstate,” Heather Cobbler, public information officer for the Colorado State Patrol, tells 9News. But troopers did not give up, requesting assistance from the Aurora Police Department, which set up “stop sticks” near I-70 and Tower Road that popped all four of the driver’s tires, causing the car to stop and allowing for the arrest of the girl, a juvenile who faces charges of eluding, speeding, and theft. Another motorist hit the stop sticks but was not injured.